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HOMOBESITY: How my fat gay body made me

London Theatre 1

"The audience sits mesmerised, drinking in every word...Whether you are fat or thin, gay, straight or anywhere else on the rainbow alphabet, Connor speaks to everyone."

The Irish Times

"A clever narrative on the dark side of human nature and the gay male aesthetic, Homobesity is storytelling at its best."

The Reviews Hub

"Interesting, funny and heartbreaking"

HOMOBESITY is the sometimes hilarious and sometimes sad story of Connor, who has spent forty years living in a world in conflict with his fat gay body. It's the story of his struggles for self-acceptance and for acceptance from others, where his homosexuality came up against resistance in his Irish Catholic home and school, and where being thin evaded him in a society antagonistic to fat people. He tells the story of finding himself welcomed in communities of straight men, and then finding new aspects of himself in the little-known world of gay fat fetishists online and in London, and he explores the highs and lows of his experience of having weightloss surgery. In this one-person show, Connor narrates a series of raw, but also humorous, episodes in his life, showing how his body and the world's reaction to it shaped him as a person. It’s a show that’s a lot about being fat and a lot about being gay, but it’s a show that should resonate for anyone who has ever felt that they don’t fit in in the world where they’re living.

Content warnings: Strong language, adult and sexual themes, eating disorders


Watch That Scene 7th January 2023 - Interview with Connor O'Donoghue

The Irish Times 1st May 2023 - Homobesity: How one overweight, gay, middle-aged man learned to be comfortable in his skin


  • 15-20 May 2022 - Fallen Angel, Brighton Fringe

  • 10-14 January 2023 - Lion and Unicorn Theatre, London

  • 10 March 2023 - Nutshell Theatre, Winchester

  • 1-6 May 2023 - Outhouse Theatre, Dublin International Gay Theatre Festival

  • 30 Sept - 1 Oct 2023, The Garden Rooms, Watford Fringe

Future performances to be announced soon!

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